Numo Button iOS SDK

The purpose of this SDK to help programmers to use Numo payment SDK for iOS.

To use this SDK, you need an Merchant id ,Terminal id and Secure key.
To get your own credentials Please contact us at:

Geting started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

You can use the below test data for testing :

Merchant test data

Field Type Value
Merchant id String 10081014649
Terminal Id String 99179395
Secure key String 39636630633731362D663963322D346362642D386531662D633963303432353936373431

Card test data

Field Type Value
Card number String 6394993077260781
EXP date String 10/23
OTP String 111111


What things you need to install the software and how to install them

  1. COCOPODS installed on your machine.
  2. Xcode.
  3. Create new IOS project in xcode to use SDK or if you have created a project before with swift.


A step by step that tell you how to get our SDK in your project.

  1. open your xcode project.
  2. In your project in Podfile in project level add :-

            pod 'PayButtonNumo'

  3. open your terminal in project path and write this command:-

            //(for first try)
            - pod deintegrate
            - pod update
            //(for second try)
            - pod install

Using SDK

in order to use our SDK you should get merchant id and Terminal id from Moamalat company.


        import PayButtonNumo

    Second create a new instance from PayButtonNumo:

        let paymentViewController = PaymentViewController ()

    you need to just pass some parameters to PayButton class instance:

    • Merchat id.
    • Terminal id.
    • Payment amount.
    • Currency code [Optional].
    • merchant secure hash.
    • transaction Reference Number.

    Note that:
    you should keep your secure hash and merchant id and terminal id with encryption before saving them in storage if you want.


        paymentViewController.amount = "amount" // Formatted amount as
        smallest amount of currency ex: 1 LYD = “1.000”
        paymentViewController.delegate = self // PaymentDelegate 
        paymentViewController.mId = "XXXXX" // your merchant id 
        paymentViewController.tId = "XXXXXX” // your terminal id 
        paymentViewController.Currency = "***" // use 434 for the Libyan
        paymentViewController.refnumber = "reference number""  // unique
        transaction reference number.
                                paymentViewController.Key = "********” // Merchant secure hash
                                paymentViewController.AppStatus =  NumoUrlTypes.Numo_Testing

Sample Project

To get a sample project CLICK HERE