Online payment Platform
Payment-as-a service

Online E-commerce: Websites, Mobile application & Social media.

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What is online payment platform

It is a solution that enables merchants and e-commerce service providers to accept payments across diverse methods.

Why online payment platform

Online payment Platform turns any Websites, Mobile applications & social media into a fulfill Payment terminal, to accept payments from Cards, Wallets QR, Send Payments links, Pay Suppliers, and many more features.


That makes everyone want to use our payment platform

  • online payment platform Get full management and accept payments. Make payments requests and generate reports.
  • Mobile SDKs Enable payments within your application (Android or iOS) for multiple sorts of payment techniques
  • Payment Link Send payment requests to your customers and collect payments in moments.


You can make a full payment transaction on our test environment by adding a checkout page.
Please follow the instructions that aligns with your use case.

  • If you have a website, cross platform application then you will use lightBox
  • If you have an android application then you will use the android SDK
  • If you have an iOS application then you will use the iOS SDK
  • If you have a wordpress application then you will use the wordpress plugin
  • To use notification service follow this Link

If you are offering products or services on social media platforms than it is affordable to use Payment link.
Payment link generator