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The purpose of this document is to specify how to use Moamalat Plugin with wordpress.


In order to start integration with Moamalat plugin with wordpress you need to install woocommerce plugin to your wordpress website also you need to obtain the following Data:

  1. NPG Merchant ID: your unique identifier on NPG.
  2. NPG Terminal ID: ID of the acceptance interface with different acceptance channels enabled/disabled (Card and Digital QR).
  3. Secure hash.


Lightbox is a simple HTML & JavaScript plugin to integrate within merchant’s website to seamlessly enable payments with minimal technical development, ideal for small and medium-size merchants, who does not want to get within the scope of PCI compliance.

Alt text


  • INSTALL WOOCOMMERCE You need to install woocommerce and activate it Alt text

  • UPLOAD THE MOAMALAT PLUGIN Form plugins menu choose Add new Alt text

At the top of the page click on Upload plugin Alt text

Click on choose File and browse on the Moamalat Gateway - file Do not forget we need to upload Moamalat plugin as compressed file not as a folder Alt text

After upload the plugin click on Install now Alt text

It will redirect you to plugin page again, search on Moamalat Gateway - PayForm and click on Active Alt text

Now go to WooCommerce menu and choose settings Alt text

choose payment tab and search for pay ( Moamalat PayForm ) and togell the button of Enabled Alt text

Click on setup button of pay ( Moamalat PayForm ) to enter your credentials Alt text

And now we are Done your wordpress website has been ready to use Moamalat Plugin

SOURCE FILE To get a resource files CLICK HERE